• +26years of experience​
  • +220Mcards processed​
  • +1000expert professionals​

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A unique platform​ for global banking management​

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The most agile payment platform in Latin America

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Card processing hub in Europe and America​

We are a leading player in card processing in Europe and America, and have processed payments for more than 40 clients in 12 countries.​The capabilities of our platform and our network of processing centres, as well as our consolidated model allow us to offer differential multi-customer and multi-country payment processing services.​

Agile issuance​

Our proprietary solutions enable financial institutions to issue cards of any type, physical and virtual, in record time​.

Scalable acquiring

We support your bank or financial institution in constituting the technological base to develop the acquiring business and promoting growth in new channels​

New payment methods

We can take you to the forefront of innovation with Afterbanks, our certified payment institution for payment initiation and information aggregation in Open Banking environments​

Trends in Payments Report

X Report

A 360º view of the trends in the sector

  • 12 countries.
  • +80 executives interviewed.
  • 4,000 surveys carried out on the banking population.
  • 365 days / year, relevant news observatory.

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Leading payments, Processing the Future

Learn about our global Banking offering

The advent of new technologies, regulatory changes and the aggressive entry of new players require banks to focus on strengthening their business and on leading innovation. Disruption has resulted from the segmentation of payment-method services (initiation, fragmentation, processing, authentication, compensation, claims and financing), which has led to the emergence of new players capable of adding value to specific services in an integrated manner.​

In this highly competitive context,as well as collaborative, banks need to adapt and strengthen their business.A transformation that makes it possible to gain flexibility in the management of payment methods, to enter the digital world easily, to keep constantly evolving (with a specialist partner), to achieve efficiencies and cost reduction, to interconnect in an agile way with the rest of the players or focus on the business.

To stay at the forefront of innovation, it is essential to rely on a supplier that knows how to anticipate and be able to take the pulse of the sector, constantly evolving its offer. As technology partners, we are fully involved with our clients within this context, providing specialized solutions and services adapted to business needs, allowing them to lead change and face the challenges of the industry. The capabilities of our platform, our network of centers, as well as our consolidated model, allow us to offer differential payment processing services with multi-regional and multi-client coverage, perfectly customized for each entity.

The characteristics of the service that Minsait promotes are fully aligned with the needs of the industry, and stand out compared to other processing services, enabling entities to focus on the evolution of their business. Our global service offers a balance between industrialization and proximity, being able to adapt to local realities. We also provide a continuous improvement of the service model together with the most demanding security measures (PA-DSS certification, implementation with PCI-DSS, and data centers with TIA / EIA - Tier IV), according to market trends.

We make a difference with a service based on Minsait's leading suite of solutions:

  • Core of the issuing business, managing all types of payment triggers (physical, virtual cards, etc.) and operational (debit, credit, prepaid, etc.)
  • Management of the acquiring business with a flexible treatment of the product offer and its relationship with businesses and holding companies
  • Highly modular transactional switch, which makes the operation of networks and devices independent
  • Loyalty programs to enhance the relationship with the customer
  • Convergence between immediate payments and means of payment
  • 100% customizable wallet and mobile payment